Thursday, February 12, 2009

Always Be Your Best Friend

Rachel made a comment about your note "25 Random Things About Me - Earth":

"bes everything that happen into our life is not an accident, it has a purpose and if we dnt see it now, im sure tom will lead us into understanding just keep ur faith in God, and every hard loads that we have will loosen. I always believe that u are a strong person; yes. ...together we dream and together we fail, right?, no matter what the future will bring to us i will always be ur best friend and i promise that i will always be here for u, Even things around u had change u a lot. i love u friend im always praying for u. Believe it or not!hahaha"

Rachel is my best friend since we were in 1st year high school, that is 19 year ago to be exact. I'm a very friendly person but there are very few whom I consider my real and close friends and I believe having a few that is genuine is better than having a lot that are there for companions sake and are fake right?

We are actually thinking of doing business together but are still weighing our options. You know how hard the times are specially with the global recession. Anyway, learning about business options I chance upon Russian stock and it is a bit interesting.

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