Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thinking Of Selling Annuities

We all know how rough the times are lately with the financial crisis looming around the globe, job loses among others is one of it's effect.

So how can you survive these trying times? Maybe it's time to make an inventory of all your assets and see which one you can cash off right away to make use immediately. Maybe you have an annuity lying around and you didn't think you can sell annuities because your agent told you that long time ago?

Before you start getting puzzled on what I'm talking about an annuity is income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments more popularly known as an insurance.

To sell annuity is no joke so you better be careful in making this decision. Determine the underlying factors of your needs do you really need to sell or you have some other investment you can sell.

Well, I am no financial expert and I heard most annuities, where some individual gets a stream of future payments from the insurance company right after making an front payment do not offer liquidity options. So it will be better for you to consult someone in the know like the guys from Settlement Capital Corporation they've been around since 1988 and is recognized as the industry's founder and leader. SCC is your best choice when selling future annuity payments, periodic payment contracts or insurance benefit payments.

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