Thursday, January 22, 2009

Be A Globe Trotter Be A World Traveller Intern

OMG! My jaws just dropped and wished I was five years younger so I can join this amazing chance of a lifetime to travel around the world and study at the same time for free.
Yes, you heard right free travel around the world to those who can get a World Traveler Internship from STA Travel.

This is the best internship I ever heard become a World Traveler Interns and travel 15 countries in three months! Travel the most amazing places in the world enjoy the trip capture video and make everyone else drool about your awesome adventure daily through blogging, video and podcast! Isn't that great!

As a globe trotter you will visit Fiji for 11 days experiencing this beautiful tropical island, get that tan and feel the island spirit.

Then head off to the Outback and explore Australia's Norther territory and hike around the beautiful canyons.

After that amazing Outback adventure you will go to an 8-day classic journey to Delhi, India unfolding the tragic yet historical stories of love behind one of the greatest monuments Taj Mahal and more.

An adventurous Safari experience await you in Eastern African as you personally spot out the "BIg 5" of the jungle -- the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo! This is a once-in-a lifetime trip that will bring you to U.S. President Barack Obama's roots Kenya and a stop at Tanzania too!

After all that tiring yet unbelievable African experience you will have a bit of rest and relaxation at Berlin and fall in-love with their great architecture and structures.

The prepare to have your passport renewed after you last stop to Moscow, Russia passing through a Sweden and a stop at Denmark and also to St. Petersburg!

I will even take a runners-up since the first runner-up can get an 8-week study program at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in Barcelona with accommodations, meals and unlimited transportation and be acquainted with hundreds of fun and motivated college students from around the world.

I would also take the second runner-up whom will get a round-trip ticket to Europe and pick any five country in that continent to visit! I am really drooling in here! I am so envious!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is what I always dream of being a jet setter and travel around the world but for free! Only if I can turn back the clock! Anyway I look years younger than I really am so maybe I'll pass? Oh well for those who are interested visit for more info.

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