Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Buzz for Snapbomb

Get paid for the actual value of your opinion, get matched with the advertisers and opportunities you really like. This is what paid to blog should be and Snapbomb indeed is something that gives this convenience.

We have heard, seen and experienced the other popular paid post site in the blogosphere today and admit it or not they are a hassle since you have to keep watch at their site all the time to be able to grab an opportunity. It's always the fastest gets all the opportunity and you are left with nothing.

Snapbomb works differently, upon sign-up, they will do an analysis of your blog to see what it's real worth it and to find out which niche your blog would fit. This would take 24 hours to process but it's worth the wait since after being analyzed by their Buzz analytics system, you will see the value of your blog and the amount you can get for writing a post for a certain opp.

I think advertiser gain an advantage at Snapbomb with regards to blog advertising to gain the buzz they needed for their product or services with this system because they find the blogs that is relevant to them and their blog marketing campaign.
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